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Jos Binoye
Jos Binoye

Control the Outcome of your Divorce with Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you’ve been suffering from or charged with domestic violence in California, you need expert legal assistance to protect your rights. With Jos Family Law, you get highly experienced and acclaimed domestic violence lawyers Orange County who can ensure your rights are protected throughout.


Domestic violence situations are very stressful and can turn your life upside down. Similarly, allegations for the same can land you strict punishments like exorbitant fines and even jail time. 


Don’t let domestic violence impede your life. Consult with our domestic violence lawyers in Orange County immediately if you’re suffering from abuse or have been wrongly framed for it.


How can our Domestic Violence Attorneys Help?


Domestic violence situations are very tough for the whole family. During this time, you need an experienced attorney who has the skills and knowledge to guide you and protect your best interests. 


Our attorneys can:


·        Investigate


We will thoroughly investigate the facts of the case and the charges you’re facing.


·        Obtain or Defend Restraining Orders


Our attorneys can put an end to the violence by obtaining restraining orders. If an order has been wrongfully passed against you, we’ll appeal against it and overturn it. 


·        Litigate at Court


We will present arguments, witnesses, and evidence to support your case and defend your rights.


At Jos Family Law, we have a proven track record of obtaining just and fair outcomes for domestic violence clients. We offer free, no-obligation consultations. Call us at (714) 733-7066 to schedule a meeting with our domestic violence lawyers in Orange County today.


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