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Terra Nova Season 1 720p 300 Mb Movies 113


Terra Nova Season 1 720p 300 Mb Movies 113

eggs in space and i need to learn more about martha stewart, two of the things i love most in life. sadly, despite the importance of the eggs, terra nova isnt really all that egg-centric. exobiology plays a larger part (mostly re-purposing the work of former lost writer j.j. abrams), but its essentially a prequel to lost that allows us to see the arrival of the first human explorers to the new world. guess who we dont get to meet

i was initially pretty irritated when terra nova spent the first third of the episode in space (where they got to show off some helicopters doing the same kind of routine aerobatics as top gun), but given the budget constraints i figured that they had to save the boring parts for later. instead, they spent even more time on those boring parts. a good number of these scenes are bad enough in their own right, but there were a surprising number of them that seemed to be bad-casting stunts to justify a later scene.

ricker gets jealous of ben when he sees his new kid sister lily cry. ben wisely gives an easy-to-follow answer that really should have resonated with rickers father: youre not my dad. uh, thats not a good advice to give to a kid whose parents are criminals. after all, he could get into trouble.

josh is obsessed with star trek but ben asks him what kind of crazy drugs we can get from it. josh: uh, we can get most of them, if we want to. ben is more important than we were told. if i were you, i would try and figure out why this boy is so important.

as josh asks the quintessential question of every sci-fi movie, i remind you all of my theory of star wars: josh is luke skywalker, ben is han solo, the road warrior is dwayne johnson (who everyone should be getting tired of seeing lately) and the f-22 eagle is the bsg-style fighter. except, of course, the x-wing. they missed out that one. they really missed out on this one. 3d9ccd7d82


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