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Troy In Altamurano Film Completo Download 26 NEW!

Troy In Altamurano: A Parody of the Epic Movie

Troy In Altamurano is a humorous dubbing of the 2004 movie Troy, which tells the story of the Trojan War. The dubbing is done in Altamurano, a dialect spoken in the town of Altamura in southern Italy. The parody was created by a group of friends who call themselves "Alla corte di TatÃ" (At TatÃ's court). They uploaded their videos on YouTube, where they gained popularity and millions of views.

The parody uses a mix of modern slang, local expressions, and references to contemporary culture and politics. The characters are given funny names and personalities, such as Achille (Achilles), who is obsessed with women and his hair; Agamenne (Agamemnon), who is greedy and arrogant; Ettore (Hector), who is a coward and a traitor; and Paride (Paris), who is a naive and romantic lover. The parody also makes fun of the historical inaccuracies and plot holes of the original movie.

Troy In Altamurano is an example of how a dialect can be used to create comedy and satire. It also shows how a local culture can reinterpret a global phenomenon and make it its own. Troy In Altamurano is not only a parody of Troy, but also a tribute to Altamura and its people.Troy In Altamurano has received positive feedback from both critics and fans. Some have praised the creativity and originality of the parody, as well as the skill and talent of the dubbers. Others have appreciated the humor and the irony of the parody, as well as the cultural and linguistic richness of the Altamurano dialect. Some have also commented on how the parody has made them rediscover and appreciate the movie Troy, despite its flaws.

However, Troy In Altamurano has also faced some criticism and controversy. Some have argued that the parody is disrespectful and offensive to the original movie and its actors. Others have claimed that the parody is vulgar and inappropriate for a younger audience. Some have also complained that the parody is too long and repetitive, as it covers almost the entire movie.

Troy In Altamurano is a unique and remarkable work of art that has entertained and inspired many people. It is a testament to the power of creativity and humor, as well as to the beauty and diversity of languages and cultures.Alla corte di Tatà is the name of the group of friends who created Troy In Altamurano. They are: Antonio Andrisani, Giuseppe De Candia, Giuseppe Lorusso, Michele Lorusso, and Vito Signorile. They met in high school and shared a passion for cinema and comedy. They started making parodies of movies and TV shows using their phones and computers, and uploading them on YouTube. Their first parody was of The Lord of the Rings, which they dubbed in Altamurano as "U Signur d'li Anedd". They also made parodies of Harry Potter, The Matrix, Titanic, and Star Wars.

Their most successful parody was Troy In Altamurano, which they made in 2007. They spent six months working on it, using a software called GoldWave to edit the audio and video. They dubbed the entire movie, except for some scenes that they cut for time reasons. They also added some original songs and sound effects. They uploaded their parody on YouTube in 26 parts, each lasting about 10 minutes. The parody became viral and received millions of views and thousands of comments. It also attracted the attention of some media outlets and celebrities, who praised their work.

Alla corte di Tatà became famous and popular in Italy and abroad. They were invited to several events and festivals, where they met their fans and showed their parodies. They also received some awards and recognitions for their creativity and talent. They continued making parodies of other movies and TV shows, such as The Passion of the Christ, The Da Vinci Code, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Game of Thrones. They also made some original short films and documentaries. Their latest work is a parody of The Avengers, which they dubbed in Altamurano


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