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Writing Crime Novels John Paxton Sheriff

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Born in Liverpool. Army for fifteen years, five years with family in New South Wales and Queensland, for ten years one of the worlds best toy soldier makers, then into novel writing with 62 books - crime, western, non-fiction - now published. But art, of course, and now I am offering original pastel portraits to Painters on Line members, some fine art, some celebrity. Also, there may be some landscapes!

Wambaugh eventually resigned from the LAPD when his literary fame was beginning to interfere with the job. His writing style has consistently developed over the years with five non-fiction books covering landmark police cases, beginning with the superlative The Onion Field (1973). Later novels took on a more satirical or absurdly comical edge (at least in my view, see below). There have been numerous film and TV adaptations of his books over the years, and more recently he developed his first novel series beginning with Hollywood Station in 2006, which features a cast of police characters covering the Hollyweird beat.

Interviewer: Few crime writers have as much inside knowledge of police work as you do. How did this inform your approach to writing and how you viewed other crime writers at the start of your writing career

Craig Johnson's mystery novels about Walt Longmire came to life in this A&E (and later Netflix) Western crime drama. Longmire, the sheriff of Absaroka County in Wyoming, recently faced the death of his wife. His daughter and female deputy help him slowly put his life back together. A&E canceled the series after just three seasons, but a small-yet-vocal following caused a ruckus, and Netflix picked it up, wrote Cynthia Littleton in Variety. 1e1e36bf2d


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