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Outside, Halldor, in a vineyard, told to keep the Sampen away from Anya, but a voice tells him to leave it for the moment. Halldor decided to search for it, and a couple that walked by told him that it was the voice of the famous floorwalker of the Sampen, who is now set up in the pub of the same name. Halldor, without thinking much about it, decided to follow them as he knew there was a girl on the other side that he was obsessed with.

In the house, Danny's brother Matt and Matt's wife, Chernoaks, were having a discussion about what they're going to do with Danny and how Matt should cut him in line. Chernoaks decided she's going to tear Danny's head off, and that she wanted the Butchers to know what she's really like.

In the pub, Jon Snow and Boris Krow are the barkeep and himself, respectively. Jon introduced Krow to the man standing next to them, who was named Hanson. Hanson told Krow that he just needs someone else to run his organization, so he could just sit back and do nothing and destroy everybody. Jon protested on doing something that would just make him a killer, but was ignored. Krow went home upset with Jon but reflected on what Jon said about friendship, and he told himself to be better off than he was before. After that, Krow decided that he wants to help Jon, and the entire time thinking about how to get the information he needs to him.

Once inside the house, Chernoaks was tossing around Danny's head, but Matt stopped her. Chernoaks refused, saying that she's not afraid of anything, and she tore his head off instead. Watch out for that gap by the door... d2c66b5586


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