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FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack !FREE!

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How to Spice Up Your Sounds with FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful distortion plugin, you might have heard of FabFilter Saturn. This plugin offers a range of high-quality distortion models, inspired by the vintage sound of tubes, tape, transformers and guitar amps. You can also use it to create creative FX distortion styles, such as smudge, rectify, destroy and foldback.

But what if you want to take your sounds to the next level with even more saturation options That's where the FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack comes in. This pack contains 107 brand new presets for FabFilter Saturn, split into 7 categories: bass, synth, FX, saturation, mastering, drums and instruments. These presets are designed and tested by multiple producers, and they cover a wide range of genres and styles.

Whether you want to add some warmth and character to your bass, make your synth sound more fat and juicy, enhance your drums with punch and clarity, or add some subtle or extreme saturation to your master bus, the FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack has you covered. You can use these presets as they are, or tweak them to your liking with the intuitive interface of FabFilter Saturn.

The FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack is compatible with the latest version of FabFilter Saturn 2, which features a redesigned interface, improved visual feedback, linear phase processing, envelope follower modulation sources and more. You can download the expansion pack from Audiotent's website for a special intro offer of Â9 (price will revert to its full Â17 Midnight Wednesday 21st December).

Don't miss this opportunity to spice up your sounds with the FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack. It's a must-have for any producer who wants to add some color and excitement to their mixes. Download it today and unleash the power of FabFilter Saturn!

How to Use FabFilter Saturn 2 to Enhance Your Sounds

Now that you have downloaded the FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack, you might be wondering how to use it to enhance your sounds. In this section, we will show you some tips and tricks on how to use FabFilter Saturn 2 and its presets to achieve different effects and results.

How to Use FabFilter Saturn 2 for Multiband Processing

One of the most powerful features of FabFilter Saturn 2 is its ability to process different frequency bands separately. You can use this feature to apply different types of distortion, saturation, or FX to different parts of your sound, creating more depth, contrast, and interest.

To use multiband processing, you need to create frequency bands by dragging the edges of the band handles at the bottom of the interface. You can create up to six bands, and adjust their crossover frequencies and slopes. You can also solo or mute each band by clicking on the speaker icons.

Once you have created your bands, you can select each one and apply a different preset from the FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack. For example, you can use a bass preset for the low band, a synth preset for the mid band, and an FX preset for the high band. You can also adjust the drive, mix, feedback, dynamics, tone, and level parameters for each band individually.

By using multiband processing, you can create more balanced and nuanced sounds that have different flavors and textures in each frequency range. You can also use this technique to fix or enhance certain aspects of your sound, such as adding more warmth to the lows, more clarity to the mids, or more sparkle to the highs.

How to Use FabFilter Saturn 2 for Modulation

Another great feature of FabFilter Saturn 2 is its modulation system. You can use this feature to modulate any parameter of any band with various sources, such as LFOs, envelope followers, envelope generators, XY controllers, or MIDI sources. You can use modulation to create dynamic and expressive sounds that change over time or respond to your input.

To use modulation, you need to drag a modulation source from the bottom righ


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