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Although Vincent Zhao was actually born in the year 1982, he had to appear as belonging to the year 2000 in order to have an appearance score that is suitable to the period during which the movie was set and to meet the Chinese government's restriction that film actors should not be more than 30 years old (This is so that in most cases they cannot become old and show the older generation of people the effects of old age and the characteristic of older people.)

During his role as Beggar Su, Zhao wore a light jacket and slippers. He added that while in his role as Old Sage, he wore a jade tea (衣物 玉米块). Raja the country's first international film recognized Zhao as a "Persian Action Hero" (赫塞4行拉吉哈馬), the first example of an action hero in director's area, the first film to depict Hua Haodi's depiction as a real human being, the first Chinese martial arts film built on a Chinese scale stage, and the first film in which a black man acts as a Chinese martial arts master.

After watching the final cut, Zhao had an average opinion of the movie and felt that it didn't have the atmosphere of a martial arts movie. He said that as a martial arts movie, it wasn't authentic and that it was more of a comedy. Zhao also noted that although it was recorded in high definition, there weren't many scenes that were recorded and looked really good. But after watching it, the film has a feel of a popular musical genre such as Lion dance and Shaw Brothers' action dramas. Zhao felt that the problem was that the color palette was mismatched and that it didn't have enough background music.

However, Zhao is also very enthusiastic about the movie. In order to keep a good atmosphere on set, he decided while being in costume to add food to the set. He used ingredients that are more commonly used in regional cuisine of China such as beef, mutton, cheese, eggs, preserved vegetables, preserved fruits, salted eggs.

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