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All About Author Promotion and Platforms

Authors are central to their books' marketing. As a result, author promotion supports or complements book publicity programs. For any writer researching how to promote my book, you'll also see that your platform (email contacts, website, social media, etc.) can help. They can be a starting point to launch your book and work out from there. Two things are fundamental to marketing your book: starting a buzz and reaching your target readers. People who know you will likely become interested and spread the word to others. If you post on social media, they can like and share your posts.

Author promotion is also beneficial to your career and business if you own one. Getting publicity for business is much easier when you book is you're hook for coverage. Authors are granted immediate stature and considered thought leaders in their fields. As you promote yourself and your book, you'll find people wanting to become clients. Selling requires getting through to your customers, and books are an excellent way to get your message across – and in detail. The more people know about your products and services, the more likely they will buy. Salespeople dream of the opportunities books provide.

When you design your author's website, ideally before publishing your first book, remember the people who will visit. They will want to learn more about you, read about your book, and be able to order copies. Their needs guide what you include on the site, such as your biography, information about your book, links to your media coverage (online and legacy media), and links for where to buy or download copies. Keeping your website focused and avoiding the temptation to over-add content will ensure it is user-friendly. You want to make a good impression on people who visit and show interest.

Promotional planning is also crucial to success. Publishing your book and taking an ad hoc approach may mean you miss significant opportunities. Timing matters, and you have a window of opportunity when your book launches. Trying to work after the fact will jeopardize your newsworthiness in the eyes of the media and others. If you're a nonfiction author, you may be lucky to have publicity opportunities if anything related to your book is making news around its launch. Thinking creatively and connecting yourself to news events helps spark coverage. The goal is identifying and capitalizing on opportunities.


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