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Trinity Belt Trailer

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Inspecting and servicing your Eagle Bridge belt trailer periodically is critical for keeping it fully functional and operating safely. Routine maintenance also allows you to catch and fix issues early, preventing major problems and saving you money in expensive repairs.

Red River is steel, and heavy.............haven't worried about its structural reliability.............haven't a clue about the Trinity..........but was told that they are like a frameless dump trailer, and much lighter than the RR.........which means to me that metal is missing from somewhere. I don't think they are aluminum.......but they could be.......I have more research to do on the details.

I was told by a trailer scalper the same thing about the summation of that would be to be prepared to put new floor in.........but I would think that would be just steel and welding Pain in the tail, of course.........but fixable. Am I close

I'm sure you'll get some answers to that. I'm sure they'll probably claim I am not qualified for some reason or another if they don't like my answer, but, I know how to read at a reasonable proficiency level. I know where to find the relevent statutes and regulations, and have read them from end to end. There are certain restrictions on what you can have in the way of cracks. There are no restrictions in what you can have in the way of repaired cracks in the vast majority of pieces on a trailer. Notable exceptions would include the rim bead area of a wheel or a spring or a brake part. The frame is repairable.

I bought a 2000 model Trinity in June. Trinity's claim to fame is the lightweight design of the trailer. Here is a link to a page on their site where it tells about the light weight and strength. If you are going to be hauling on heavily regulated roads, the Trinity may be the way to go. I think Trinity, Red River and Alick all make a good trailer but all will show abuse with time. 59ce067264


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