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I might take much notice of, and display his errours, as to what he sayes, that the Latex is by the Greeks called [...]: this is the first time I ever read it called so: the usual terms being [...],C. Hofmann. de Ichor, sect. 12, 13.9. Th. Scheuck. de sero sangu. c. 1., and [...]. The notion (whatever Helmont say) is not new at all: an hundred Galenists have mentioned and treated of it, as the vehicle of the bloud and nourishment. But that cruor should come from [...], crudus concretus, is an opinion singular to the Baconical Philosopher. That [...] doth signifie cold, I know well: and that cruor properly signifies the the bloud of dead people, or the mortified bloud issuing from putrefied wounds, I no less understand; though Authors frequently confound it with Sanguis; But that his Latex, and the Lympha, so called by moderns, are the same, is news: for, it is not held that the Lympha, in its peculiar form, was pre-existent in the Arteries, and, as such, G [...]isson. de hepate, c. 45. Charleton. Occo [...]. Anim. exercit. 9. sect. 7. did accompany the Blood through the Maeandrous pipes, but is generated as it is discharged into the Lymphaeducts, and from them is re-mixed with the bloud: And, if it were, yet would not the definition of this Latex agree with it: for the Lympha is no inseparable compan [...]on of the bloud; as appears by its peculiar vessels: it is seldome a diaphanous clear liquor, being commonly tinged with Glisson. Anat. hepat. c. 45. several colours, Quippe tota haec Lympha, uti experientium, compertum est, densior, minusque pellucens, & interdum lactis instar albescens, aliquan [...]s sufflava. & non nunquam loturae car [...]is similis. Vide Charlton, ubi supra. oftentimes whitish, sometimes yellow, or, [Page 7] as it were stained with bloud. And whereas this Latex is devoid of all sensible qualities, those who have experimented the Lympha, do not find any such thing, but a variety of tasts: Nor is it true that the Serum which accompanies the Bloud is such a Latex as our Helmontian describes; it being never (to my taste) free from a salsuginous sapour, (though it retain that with a great Latitude) nor devoid of colour, so as to be clear and diaphanous: and 'tis very seldome seen, that the said Serum will not Centies facto experimento, vadi semper serum ipsum non modo leviter incrassari, sed agglutinari fieriqne membraneum. H. Barbat. diss. de sangu. & sero. pag. 16. coagulate, unless preternaturally) upon a gentle fire: so that it is no more to be termed a Latex, than the whites of eggs beaten to the like fluidity: In like manner that in the Lymphaeducts will Th. Bartholin. Spicileg. p. 71. M. Bogdan. apolog. adv. O. Rudbek. sect. 116. coagulate, as Bartholin observes, and others. 1e1e36bf2d


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