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Patch Solidworks 2006

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Patch Solidworks 2006

Defined for individual installations only. SOLIDWORKSSERIALNUMBER Specifies the serial number for SolidWorks. SWMIGRATESpecifies the SolidWorks version to upgrade as it would be shown in the list in the SolidWorks 2006 Install Choice dialog box.Format: SWMIGRATE="SolidWorks 2005 SP5.0" TARGETDIR Specifies the installation folder for SolidWorks.

Question: How do I obtain the new Serial Number(s) for my COSMOS product(s) Answer: Existing customers, for whom we have a valid email address in our system, will automatically receive COSMOS serial numbers via email. You can also obtain your COSMOS serial number(s), directly by visiting:

Question: After I activate 2006-based COSMOS products can I still run my older versions of COSMOS Answer: Yes, provided you use only one license at a time (as per the End User License Agreement). This requires you have your dongle/license file on your machine.

To simplify the faces being removed, a rectangular cut was added which removed the two circular features completely thus creating a larger, yet more simple cut. The Delete Face command was then applied to the three faces left by the rectangular cut and the feature was removed (and seamlessly patched) successfully!

General TablesHoles tables and bill of materials tables have been around for a while. General tables are new to SolidWorks 2006 and provide a great way to place general information in a drawing. General tables provide similar functionality to other tables, including the ability to split, merge, sort and add equations. You can also create your own general table template.

.igs or parasolid work fine for parts & in many cases assemblies also, but for weldments converted from newer version do not get updated as structural members in both formats & also in older versions. It is high time that Desault should have a solution on this. We are using solidworks because our customers are using it. But in many cases the customer is having an older version & we are having the latest.

Well though not what you looking for can always get the client to get a copy of the solidworks e drawings viewer and send the file to him like that. he can still look at it then in your newer format and mark on it etc for verifications of specs etc. thats what I found was the simplest for me with my clients and seems like they are happy with that solution

CATIA, CATIA5, IGES, Parasolid, Pro/E, SAT, STEP, SolidWorks, UG, VDAFS, openNURBS: Update version numbers for release. 2012-09-18. openNURBS: Add HwTSLibOpenNurbsRead function which returns meshes. 2012-09-18. DATAKIT: Add sphere patch and turn off no longer supported SetProcessed method. 2012-09-18. DATAKIT: Pull in new V74 code from 1.9.9. 2012-09-18. Correct capitalization of filename. 2012-09-17. Pull 1.9.9 code for NMTLib Unicode compatibility into 1.7.9. 2012-09-17. Be more careful approximating min max boxes for trimmed closed curves. 2012-08-13. Get proper attributes when converting from IwCompositeCurve. 2012-08-12. Parasolid: Tweaks needed to handle non-neutral binary files. 2012-07-18. DATAKIT, IGES: Rejigger includes so that we are not using iwtopo_inline.h. 2012-07-06. More attempts to fix SOLIDS++ Unicode interfacing. 2012-07-01. Clean up "Unicode" support, tweak version numbers to switch it on for certain NMTLib calls. 2012-07-01. IGES: Much improved handling of reading NMT B-reps written out by the HWlibs 1.9.x branch. 2012-05-24. Put some sanity checks in place to prevent assertion failures trying to recover from error conditions. 2012-05-24. VDAFS: Trap errors in ProcessGROUP; one item failing should not lead to the entire GROUP failing! 2012-05-18. Change x.p_ascii.IsOkay to HwStdSER at a customer's request. 2012-05-14. Correct spelling error which had been in the code for thirteen years or so. 2012-05-14. Clean up new defines a tad. 2012-05-08. STEP: Implement and start testing HwConvertSTEPStringToUtf32. 2012-05-04.


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