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Lifetime Cloud Mining Contracts Bitcoin Converter Calculator

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Hashing24 is a platform where users buy hashing power for cryptocurrency mining and they provide quality cloud mining services ranging from 20 USD per 100 GH/s to premium contracts to impress interested users.

Genesis Mining has been offering hosted mining contracts since 2013. Until now they have only offered three types of contracts with prices ranging from only $29for 10 GH/s to $42,000 for 10 TH/s for 12 months and the company promises 100% uptime. The new plan is not only much less expensive it is also for a lifetime. Instead of having to renew your lease every 12 the new program will give you a permanent mining lease with Genesis Mining.

One question that many new miners often ask is about profit from cloud mining programs like this. If you invest a certain amount of money you should expect a profit from your investment. Programs like Genesis Mining will certainly earn a profit. Unfortunately unless you are willing to go in big at the outset your profits might seem depressingly low. An example is the Gold level offered by Genesis Mining. You receive 10GH/s for $9.99. The calculator that we used put the daily profit from 10GH/s at about $0.09 per day. This calculation was made for Bitcoin mining. Genesis Mining offers several coins that can be mined and it can be set to mine the most profitable at that particular time and this may mean that there are higher profits in mining altcoins at Genesis Mining.

Crypto mining got birthed at the same time as bitcoin. However, most of the latest trendy cryptocurrencies are proof-of-stake and mining had to take a backseat to staking. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of coins and cloud mining platforms where you can profitably mine crypto.

Originally provided cloud mining contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, DASH and Litecoin (support for Script, SHA-256, ETHASH, EQUIHASH, X11 algorithms). Payouts were originally made in the currency you mined, with the exception of Litecoin (which was paid out in BTC). At the moment, they only have a limited amount of Ethereum smart contracts on offer.

It only supports Bitcoin mining and offers one-time-pay, lifetime mining contracts. These have all currently been bought out but the website hosts auctions where you can buy a contract from an existing client. Overall, Hashing24 appears to be a reputable cloud mining service, one that may be somewhat overpriced with the current Bitcoin prices though.

IQ Mining is a pay-as-you-go cloud mining platform, allowing you different mining plans and contracts that can have your hash power ultimately hop between a really diverse selection of 150 altcoins. The hardware used to provide hash power is apparently owned by them and anything you mine out will be paid to you in Bitcoin. Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash are among the mineable currencies.

So, how do you make money from cloud mining Cloud mining companies allow people to open an account and participate in crypto mining through a pricing model, usually a commission. Users purchase a certain amount of hash power and profits are allocated in relation to the hash power purchased and the current price of the coin. Companies tend to have cloud mining profitability calculators to provide potential customers with clues on earnings expected for a given hashrate purchased.

There are four different types of mining contracts on the cloud mining platform - CPU, ASIC, GPU, and individual contracts. Each offers a distinct hash power and pricing, as well as different rates of profitability. The CPU Miners contract provides the power of 23 580 GH/s for $0.0120 per GS/s. The GPU Miners contract offers the power of 94 340 GH/s for $0.0113 per GH/s. The ASIC Miners contract offers the power of 235 849 GH/s for $0.0109 per GH/s. All three of these contracts offer profitability starting from 143%. An individual contract offers the power of 235 849 to 943 400 GH/s for $0.0106 per GS/s.

With a minimum investment of $1.90, ScryptCube is a suitable option for clou

Sep 03, 2023

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