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Magic Bullet Where To Buy

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Bullet blenders are blenders with a single-serving jar shaped like a bullet. This jar is flipped upside-down to connect with the motor base, and you usually need to push the jar down to blend. You can then drink directly from a bullet blender's jar, thanks to the generally included lip ring or to-go lid. Although Magic Bullet and NutriBullet are the brands most associated with this design, several other manufacturers produce similarly shaped and sometimes even better-performing blenders.

We've tested over 85 blenders, and below are our recommendations for the best bullet blenders. The blenders listed here are the best NutriBullet and Magic Bullet models and options from other brands with similar designs. If you're not set on that style, you can find a few more options for compact, single-serve blenders on our list of the best personal blenders. You might also be interested in the best budget blenders and the best blenders for smoothies.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is the best bullet blender that we've tested. This blender is worth considering if you make smoothies and shakes with ingredients like leafy greens, fruit, and seeds. Even if you use stubborn fibrous ingredients, your drink will have virtually no grains or unprocessed bits left over. It comes with a pair of 32-ounce jars with matching cup rings and to-go lids so you can drink your smoothie from the jar. It's also a great option for making small batches of recipes like nut butter, hummus, and other spreads and dips.

The best mid-range bullet blender we've tested is the Magic Bullet Blender MBR-1101. This mid-range option isn't as well-built as the Ninja Fit, and it's also a bit less versatile since it can't crush ice without liquid in the jar. However, it's similarly fantastic at processing fibrous ingredients and produces silky, well-blended smoothies with additions like kale or blueberries. There are 13 and 15-ounce jars included for smoothies and shakes, plus a 4-ounce short cup for small batches of salsa or salad dressing.

Jan 24, 2023: Reorganized picks and removed the NutriBullet Rx to focus on personal-type bullet blenders. Added the NutriBullet 900 and moved the NutriBullet Pro+ to Notable Mentions. Added the Magic Bullet MBR-1101 as the 'Best Mid-Range' pick.

The Magic Bullet does not use an oil base (hydrogenated vegetable oil) as does Dulcolax and other bisacodyls, where the oil base has to melt before the bisacodyl can stimulate the bowel to contract and push out the stool. The Magic Bullet stimulates the bowel as our base is water soluble (polyethel glycol) and causes our bisacodyl to disperse within minutes after insertion. The sooner the stimulation begins, the sooner the movement is completed ... meaning less time on your bowel program.

While bullet blenders have their uses, you might need a different kind of blender. We tested immersion hand blenders, the best blenders (full-size), and the top portable blenders. In our reviews of kitchen appliances, we've covered almost everything you might need for culinary experiments.

As for what we weren't fond of, there wasn't much. The one improvement we would recommend is incorporating an on/off switch. The current design requires you to press down the jar to operate, making it impossible to multi-task. Other than this minor detail, we recommend the Fit to anyone in the market for a bullet blender.

Over the years, the NutriBullet Magic Bullet has built up a cult following and is one of the most recognizable bullet blenders on the market. After testing the Magic Bullet, we see what the hype is all about; it boasts a classic design, great performance, and an affordable price tag. The multiple blending cups are ideal for food prep, making this an excellent option for getting dinner ready when entertaining guests.

The NutriBullet RX has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. This blender comes with a hardbound recipe book that features quizzes corresponding to color-coordinated recipes. While this is certainly a perk, t


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