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(Dub) 13 : Boss Fight: The Final Light

A few days later, Alexis Rhodes is set to Duel Aster Phoenix. The fate of the Slifer Red dorm hangs in the balance. If Aster wins, then it will be demolished. If Alexis wins the dorm remains. Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte is confident that Aster will win, being Pro League Duelist. Jaden finally makes it back to Duel Academy and is lead by a light into a cave. He meets another "Neo-Spacian" there, and then hurries to the Academy. He takes Alexis' place in the Duel, and his rematch with Aster begins. Aster uses his "Destiny Heroes" again, and Jaden unveils Contact Fusion, which the "Neo-Spacians" can use to fuse with "Elemental Hero Neos" without "Polymerization". However, even he was unaware that this results in the Fusion Monster returning to the Fusion Deck at the End Phase, and is reduced to 200 Life Points via direct attacks as a result. Aster is confident he will win since Jaden has no clue on how to use his new cards, but Jaden refuses to give up and notes to himself, he still has a lot to learn about his new Deck as "Elemental Hero Aqua Neos" went back to his Fusion Deck on the End Phase without his knowledge. The two Duelists continually counter the moves of the other, revealing more and more of their new Decks. Aster soon gets out "Destiny Hero - Dogma". Jaden saves himself from an attack that would end the Duel, but now both players are down to a few Life Points. Jaden is still confident he can continue, but Aster doesn't believe so, claiming there is no monster in Jaden's Deck that can help him. Jaden states that may have been the case with his old Deck, but it won't be with his new one. He decides to prove so by showing Aster a brand new hero in his Deck. Jaden then plays "Neo Space", which lets his "Neos" Fusion Monsters remain on the field past the End Phase, and Summons "Elemental Hero Flare Neos". Jaden attacks, but Aster quickly plays "D - Shield" to save himself. Aster then proceeds to switch his "Dogma" into Attack Position and equip it with "Heavy Storm Blade". Aster attacks which surprises everyone, however doing so activates the effect of "Heavy Storm Blade", destroying every Spell and Trap on the field besides "Heavy Storm Blade". This weakens "Flare Neos" and "Dogma" then attacks it. However the attack doesn't go through and soon enough "Heavy Storm Blade" begins to crack (which shocks Aster). Jaden reveals that the set card Aster destroyed with "Heavy Storm Blade" was "Spell Calling" which allowed Jaden to set two face-down cards after it was destroyed. As such the attack backfires on Aster, destroying "Dogma" and winning Jaden the Duel. Due to Jaden's victory, the Slifer Red Dorm remains safe. Aster congratulates Jaden for his victory and Jaden states he won't count their first Duel as official to make things even for both of them, but Aster doesn't mind and leaves. Later Jaden and his friends watch Crowler duel Bonaparte to save the Slifer Red dorm. Though he gets worried about Bonaparte's skills, Crowler comes out the victor thus keeping the dorm safe. He then tells Crowler that maybe he may like his students, causing Crowler to deny it.

(Dub) 13 : Boss Fight: The Final Light

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After the graduation ceremony, Jaden decides to leave Duel Academy quietly; however, he is brought to the room that contains Yugi's Deck by Winged Kuriboh. Yugi appears there, and after the Winged Kuriboh card glows with a bright light, Jaden finds himself in Domino City in the past, bumping into a younger Yugi who still holds the Millennium Puzzle. He challenges his hero to a Duel, and as he shuffles the Deck he senses the presence of the Egyptian Gods in Yugi's Deck. The Duel then begins, with Yugi eventually Summoning "Dark Magician" and Jaden Summoning "Elemental Hero Neos", their ace monsters, which battle it out. After a long battle, Yami Yugi finally takes over Yugi's body and welcomes Jaden, and Summons "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Jaden's face lights up, and he finally realizes Dueling really is fun. He then sends "Elemental Hero Neos" to attack "Slifer The Sky Dragon" and the Duel comes to an abrupt end with Jaden, Yami and Yugi all smiling. It then pans to Jaden in a desert. Jaden then turns around and looks at the sky, and thanks Yugi for reminding him that he has a long way to go, and Dueling is fun, and shouts his very last "Gotcha!" towards the sun. His bag rustles, and he opens it to find Pharaoh and Banner inside. Inside Pharaoh's collar he finds a letter from his friends each with their own message for him. After reading it, Jaden, Banner, Pharaoh, and presumably Yubel decide to travel together, and thus Jaden runs off towards the sunset, off to start a new adventure.

Much like the base game, the extra content uses Gnostic and Kabbalistic motifs. However, instead of using the Qliphoth, which represents the evil of man, it uses the Sefirot, which represents the enlightenment of it, symbolizing that Maruki truly stood for the greater good of humanity, unlike Yaldabaoth, and his actions are all genuine altruism, although he was misguided in it. The Gnostic motifs are further emphasized with the presence of the Garden of Eden as the top of Maruki's Palace, as Eden is created by the Demiurge to pacify Adam and Eve and prevent them from knowing pain. The final antagonist encountered in the game is also Adam Kadmon, the "perfect man" in Gnostic myth and sometimes being considered as the Demiurge. 041b061a72


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