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Really, the most important factor, the way I see it are that what theatres book to reopen should allow them to charge exceedingly low admissions, where possible. This will allow cinemas to get audiences in the door without the barrier of the previously excessively high ticket costs and illustrate for those returning audiences that it really is safe for them to be at the cinema. This is the time to showcase for moviegoers that their health, safety and convenience are top of mind. Cinemas should also do away with online 'booking' (convenience?) fees and encourage touch-free online advance ticketing, if not restricting all ticket sales to that format. I don't want to transact in cash and I don't want some teenager grabbing my phone (as she even washed or sanitized those hands?) to scan my electronic ticket. The other factor (beyond the cost), is that franchises/series should be leveraged for their inherent ability to draw audiences without the need for extensive marketing spend.

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