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Dell Gaming S2716dg Best Buy

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Far Left: Dell U2717D. Left: Samsung CHG70. Right: Dell S2716DG. Far Right: Acer Predator XB271HU.The Dell S2716DG is a good monitor overall. It excels as a gaming monitor thanks to its many related features. It's priced quite competitively too, so it tends to be a good choice if you're looking for a gaming monitor (see our recommendations for the best gaming monitors and the best 4k gaming monitors). See also our recommendations for the best gaming mice and the best gaming keyboards.

Overdrive SettingResponse Time ChartMotion Blur PhotoNormalChartPhotoFastChartPhotoOutstanding pixel response time, good enough for even the fastest motion. Barely any ghosting trail can be seen following the moving logo at all, which is excellent. The 'Response Time Normal' overdrive setting was the best; the 'Fast' setting had very bad overshoot and isn't recommended. Overall, this response time is very fast, even better than most gaming monitors. 59ce067264


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