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Subtitle Workshop

There are various techniques and tools that allow users to sync subtitles. Most users who are looking to sync subtitle with a movie are no computer experts, they are common users who need a quick solution. In this post I will follow the step by step guide which will help you sync the subtitles with a movie. In short, the whole process is quite easy.

We will use the tool Subtitle Workshop since I have found it to be the best out there. Run the application, go to File -> Load subtitle, and select the subtitle file that you want to sync.

Now this is exactly the place where you will need to experiment. If you think the subtitle is displayed 1.5 seconds after the first line is spoken, then you will need to reduce the time for both the first spoken line and the last spoken line by 1.5 seconds.

When you are done adjusting the subtitle, hit Adjust. Now save this new subtitle by going to File -> Save As. If it asks for the output format, select SubRip since it works with almost every media player. If you want to save it in any other format, feel free to do so.

A free and open source subtitle editor for creating, editing and converting subtitles. Conversions available in over 60 formats. Netflix templates for TTML dfxp import and export have recently been added as well.

To edit the initial time just click the "Show" field, set the time (or frames) you wish and press [Enter]. To edit the final time click the "Hide" field, set the time (or frames) you wish and press [Enter]. Note that you can also edit the final time of a subtitle by changing the "Duration" field. Additionally, you can edit any of this time values using the Up-Down buttons at the right side of each text box.

Quite simply, Subtitle Workshop is one of the most efficient and easiest to use software solutions available to the public for adding subtitles to any of your video files or projects. Having tested just about every single subtitling tool available, I will say that none of them compare to what Subtitle Workshop can do.

Now that we have a blank subtitle template open, let's import the video that we're subtitling. Click on "Video" from the menu bar, and hit "Open". Now, navigate to the video file you wish to open, select it, and hit "Open".

Now that we have the video open we can start adding subtitles. Play the video (Control + Space) until you get to a point where it needs subtitles. Pause the video at that point with the same shortcut, and listen back to what the speaker says and insert it into the text area at the bottom of the screen. If you have your transcription document, now would be the time to use it.

Now you need to set your subtitle's start and stop time. Your subtitle start time should be at the exact moment the speaker begins speaking, and the end time should be around the maximum limit the subtitle can support AND/OR a good audio break point.

Playback a few seconds of the video and see if everything times up properly from the start to the end of the subtitle. If it DOESN'T, then it can be manually tweaked in the Subtitle Timing Section. Click on the up and down arrows to manually adjust each one.

Repeat this process for all other subtitles in the video. In order to make a new subtitle line, you can create a "Subtitle After" by hitting the "insert" key (or right-clicking anywhere empty inside the Subtitle Window and selecting it). You can also insert a "Subtitle Before" by pressing "Shift + Insert".

When complete make sure to save your subtitle file! This can be done by going to the "File" menu, then clicking on "Save Subtitle As", then clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting "SubRip". You can experiment with the other formats if you wish, but SubRip (.srt) is my preferred default container for subtitles. Don't forget to give the file a name!

Very popular with professional translators and translating agencies, Subtitle Workshop is a free software for creating subtitles running in Windows. Not only can the subtitles be created

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