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Download 202117 Zip

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Download 202117 Zip

Printed visual acuity charts can be downloaded by families, and visual acuity information can be reported back to the clinician during the time of the phone call. Limitations to this approach include the need to access a printer and limited optotype size availability (ABCD 2020).

Thirteen families did not understand the instructions for use of the application. Both written and pictorial information was included, and the literature contained video tutorials on how to use the applications. We would like to explore the reasons for not understanding the instructions in order to be able to improve their accessibility. Some families did not wish to download an application that could potentially collect personal information. If home vision testing is to be used in future clinical practice, parent education and education on the use of the application would be necessary to ensure that all families could access the technology. Reassurance on information security would also need to be provided.

2021-08-08 08:14:12 +00 - [Error-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.TestHandler-FailedToProcessFile]: Failed to process file The file was downloaded and had size 31390765 but the size was expected to be 52362285

If you want to try a download with a Duplicati downloader, Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe getcan do it. Use a URL similar to what Export As Command-line has, except add the desired filename to it.

Thanks for your answer. Before purging and reuploading the files I made a copy of them in another folder on Jottacloud. So I was able to find back the original files. I did what you asked (checked the size and downloaded them). The result is very surprising!After downloading the original files, the local filesize was exactly the expected size. So, for the first file, it was 433959789 instead of 387973120, likewise for the second one.In the Jottacloud web interface (from which I also downloaded the files) I can see that the displayed size (which only shows in MB) is in line with the expected sizes as well.So it seems like Duplicati somehow misreads the filesize and hence considers the test as failed - most probably wrongly.

You can also test all of your files if you like, to see if they download currently and have expected size and data. This can of course take awhile if you have a large backup or slow download speed. To run this, seeThe TEST command which you can run from GUI Commandline or from shell Export As Command-line. Either way, you start with a backup command and edit the format into what you want (in this case, test).

Above mentions restore, but it affects all downloads I believe, including those done in test and compact.Possibly the below option is relevant by default, but if you need to tune, threads might be your first target:

Give it the URL from Export As Command-line and see if it says that your unobtainable files are present.What date do they have Although context is missing (see above), file dates might give a clue for issue.Names present in the list can also be tested with a get to see whether they download or give the 404.

In the Jottacloud web UI. I was also able to do a test restore of the files affected by them (found out via the AFFECTED command). Just do make sure I tried to download which worked nicely.

The other thing that is odd here is that it looks like the backup starts with an immense number of downloads, going through dlist files, then dindex, then dblock (which is when some downloads are getting the 404 error).

Not sure if you are surprised by the order of the file downloads or the amount of files it downloads. I deliberately take a big sample - backup test percentage is 5% (but as I pointed out in another topic before, Duplicati doubles that percentage to 10%). Also, the backup data is


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