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The first line on Delsman's second set of cards is the barometric pressure. Note that if the mercury is faster than the air, then there is an apparent rise in barometric pressure. This is because there is an extra volume of air (stored in the barometer) above the column of mercury that is raising it upward, so the barometric pressure is really being read as higher with the slower mercury. At the top of the tube, the mercury is at the pressure equivalent to the actual barometric pressure. This line represents isobars. The lines parallel to the isobars are the matching contour lines. The contour lines run symmetrically between the isobars. They all go to the same distance. The locus of points where the contour lines intersect the isobars is the isohyet.

The originality of the self-esteem has to do, i n general, with the social milieu, with the meaning and the educational value, with the existential referents of the value form. There are two remarkable differences between the social and semantic values of an individual and those of his value judgments, i.e. he does not speak of a self-esteem as a general value judgment, but rather of a self-esteem after a particular economic and social milieu.

The second extreme tie can be divided into two main categories: A. This extended spring rigidity is a measure of the reaction force acting on the test specimen at all distances of the indentation.

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