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The Cryonite machine features a convenient design making it easy to carry and use. Furthermore, the wand has a telescoping feature and the nozzle has a goose-neck shape. These attributes make it easy for our exterminator to administer Cryonite in all cracks, gaps, and holes around the home.

How does Cryonite work Cryonite kills insects by freezing them on contact. We have had very limited success with this system. We still had to resort back to the conventional proven methods of treatment. This is a picture of our machine, because of the substantial added extra cost we no longer recommend this application.

The Actisol machines penetrates deep within wall cavities furniture cavities and an other object that offers void for Bedugs to hide. These machines have been in the Pest Control industry for years almost seems like forever. They are used to eliminate, carpenter Ants, Yellow Jackets, Termites, Bedbugs and many more pest. This machine created a fog killing and flushing Bedbugs out of hiding spaces. This unit coupled with other residual applications, Inspections, and follow up treatments and monitoring are in our opinion the best option for our customers.

Cryonite is a non-toxic bed bug treatment that kills pesticide-resistant bed bugs and their eggs by rapid freezing. Using specialized equipment, CO2 is transformed into cold, dry ice snow, and freezes the pests to death. The Cryonite machine sprays CO2 snow at -110º F.

Call us today for a free estimate and any questions you have about our cryonite treatment. We provide service to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island & Long Island for cryonite or any other treatment solution.

I would like to let you know how much we love using your Cryonite machines. We started using them about 4 years ago and have increased our revenue each year since. The units itself are easy to use and very effective in getting rid of Bedbugs. We have also used them to freeze out roaches from infested homes with great success. The machines are extremely durable as we use them almost everyday of the week and have had no real problems with them. Calling and e-mailing your company has also been a pleasure as everyone who has responded has knowledge of the machines, are very pleasant to speak to, and respond quickly. I would absolutely recommend using these units and your company.

Consult with the facility maintenance person/engineer when treating complicated manufacturing equipment. First, vacuum any grain dust, dirt, and insects from ledges, cracks, and similar locations. Apply Cryonite to all surfaces where pest activity is located. Use the Jet Nozzle to apply the dry ice snow into cracks and voids within machinery. Avoid direct application to electronics or other sensitive equipment.

Answer: DO NOT attempt repairs yourself! All repairs should be completed by authorized Cryonite personnel. Email Customer Support at info@ for help and details.

Cryonite treatment is highly effective, especially for people who have respiratory issues such as a asthma, since there are no chemicals inhaled in the process. We have vast experience in offering bed bug extermination and pest control services using cryonite machine which makes Bed Bug Cleaners the leader in bed bug elimination in the NYC area.

After recording the number and type of roaches captured in each trap and trap placement, the harborage zones were located. A total of 49 roaches were captured in 8 of the 40 monitors. An additional seven roaches were located during an examination of the harborage zones. All these areas were documented on the site map to be treated with the Cryonite machine.

Another thing to note is that this method can eliminate bugs in all small cracks and gaps. As long as we spray the Cryonite into the gaps, it will eliminate the bugs hiding in there. The method is great for eliminating bugs hiding in machines and holes.

Frozen carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice, does not involve a liquid phase, so it converts from ice or snow directly to gas. This allows the treatment to work more effectively and efficiently in treatment bed bug and other insect/pesticide infestations. Regardless, if the bed bugs are hiding or living in electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, electrical motors or other components, they can cause problems, which can be eliminated with cryonite. This treatment can help prevent all types of facilities fight against bed bug infestations in a more effective manner than pesticides and insecticides. In fact, it can help eradicate bed bugs without interfering with the operation or delaying the production process.

Many people do not understand exactly how cryonite works, which is only understandable. Well, the first thing to understand is that it works to create a speedy cooling process that is effective in eradicating adult bed bugs, their eggs, and larvae.

Bed bugs can only be eliminated when handled by professionals. At NY Bed Bugs Dogs, we aim for the best results, which is why we incorporated cryonite freezing in our integrated pest management program. We have dealt with eliminating bed bugs for thousands of customers, to bring peace of mind back to residents and business owners.

Fast and efficient: Standard methods of bed bug removal are not nearly as efficient as cryonite freezing. They usually take more than one or two treatments, which can actually make things worse. Insecticide application may accelerate bed bug infestation and cause the insects to retreat from your home or business, finding surrounding areas to go for awhile.

As you learned from the information above, cryonite treatment is a carbon dioxide-based treatment that comes in a canister, similar to that of pesticides. However, when it is expelled from the canister it does not come out in a liquid form. Instead, it comes out in a vapor form. There is no liquid stage with this treatment. It skips the liquid stage and goes right to the vapor, which is important because it allows you to apply the treatment where liquid treatments would not work.

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Each structure can only be affected by 1 beacon. If 2 beacons affect the same structure it overloads and stops working. These changes allow for more interesting designs where you are building machines around beacons instead of beacons around machines.

The Cryonite machine is ergonomically designed making it easy to transport. As for the wand, it has a 90-degree angle. As a result, the exterminator can easily spray the Cryonite mixture under furniture, in cracks, and elsewhere in the home. Finally, Cryonite offers excellent penetration. It can easily penetrate cracks and holes.

On the other side of the temperature spectrum are Cryonite machines. This method utilizes compressed carbon dioxide to create a powder-like dry ice that kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact at temperatures less than minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

We offer an eco-friendly pest control service that includes both natural and organic treatments. Depending on the pest species, we utilize heat, steam, or cryonite, all of which are suitable for the eradication of bed bugs.

Steam machines easily and effectively treat large areas. During liquid nitrogen treatments, a small number of bed bugs will flee the targeted areas and escape. Steam treatments are used as a follow-up method to target any bugs that have scattered throughout the location.

One thing to note is that Cryonite freezes bugs to death. It works exceptionally well for this purpose because it is rapid. Our Cryonite treatments use carbon dioxide snow to freeze the bugs and eliminate them. The machine features an innovative nozzle to make administering the snow quick and easy.

The exterminator uses an ergonomic machine that makes the process quick and easy. The telescoping nozzle makes it easy for our exterminators to eliminate bedbugs hiding in gaps, cracks, and elsewhere.

Cryonite freezes and kills bedbugs. The process is lightning-fast with the temperatures dropping significantly. Cryonite relies on speed to be effective. Carbon dioxide snow is sprayed from the nozzle and kills the bedbugs on contact. Below, you will learn more about the cryonite bedbug treatment process.

Cryonite uses frozen carbon dioxide which is also known as dry ice. It transitions from ice to gas without becoming a liquid at any point. As a result, the exterminator uses dry ice in areas that cannot get wet, including pipes, cabinets, and electrical outlets. When treating a food processing plant, cryonite is used to prevent the flour from becoming gooey.

The cryonite treatment unit is ergonomically designed with telescoping technology. Thankfully, this ensures that the exterminator has extended reach. The goose-neck nozzle allows for the perfect spraying angle.

After years of refining existing designs, by 1954 the first commercially available pulse-jet mosquito fogger (The Curtis Junior Model) was being produced. By 1956, more than 4000 machines were being produced each year. As a result of increasing demand for the machines, Russell Curtis moved the company in 1958 into a newly constructed 20,000 square foot facility in Westfield, Indiana, which remains the current site for manufacturing and the R&D Facility. 59ce067264


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