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The Spy Who Shrunk Me VR Portable Edition

dlss is a feature that must be enabled by default in games, but there is no universal control to manage that. in rise of the tomb raider, we can observe the effects by accessing the nvidia control panel on the desktop. we can select the options for dlss by right-clicking, choosing settings, and choosing the dlss tab. i can see dlss enabled for hbao+, along with the other settings related to the graphics engine, such as windowed mode, ambient occlusion, screen space ambient occlusion, windowed, ssao on, gi, anaglyph, anaglyph off, hbao on/off, hotspot, tdd, and film. it's possible that the dlss option isn't shown when the nvidia control panel is opened, and i can't tell if it's disabled from the display options.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me VR portable edition

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a different example is the future collapse of the great pyramid at giza. astronomical data stored in the pyramid was destroyed by cosmic radiation over the last 4,500 years. but if the pyramid collapses, all of the historical data will be lost forever. 

in both cases, the data will never be retrieved. how can we stop them? the answer isn't easy. catastrophes and rogue computer viruses can destroy computers that store data, but those recorders can be constructed to thwart electronic mischief. if a nuclear explosion destroys the necessary hard drives, there are ways to save the data, but the ethical and cultural questions that these expedients would raise are fascinating.

in 2017, andrei polshikov's the premise for a science fiction film emerged as a playable vr game. available on oculus quest and htc vive, the cyberdreams package started a vr renaissance, providing a way to play vr games on headsets outside the pc market. now with a new port, cyberdreams lets you play the cyberdreams vr package on a variety of headsets, and it's easy to imagine the potential of a portable version of the game.


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