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Surabhi 2000 Kannada Software Download Fixed

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Surabhi 2000 Kannada Software Download Fixed

Initially, it was suggested to use the IISCI language code devised by CDAC to enable portability of Kannada across different software. This code however was unsuitable for transliteration and it was difficult to navigate across different languages using it. This was because the code could not address issues like change in grammar across languages.[2] In March 2000, a technical committee was set up by the Government of Karnataka to look into this problem. Ganaka Parishath came up with a glyph code called "Kannada Script Code for Language Processing" (KSCLP) in 2001. This glyph code enabled easy movement of data across different software and its development is considered as a milestone in the history of Kannada software. The technical committee suggested that all software developers should adhere to this code.

In October 2000, the Government having solved the problems of standardisation, decided to have a benchmark software that will be the standard for usage of Kannada in computing.[2] A software called Nudi was developed by Ganaka Parishath using a common code and also providing the ability to enter Kannada characters in different fonts. This was selected as the benchmark and all private software vendors were advised to adhered to the standards set by Nudi. There were some minor database-related issues which were solved by using a new improved code that was released by CDAC.[2] Nudi was later converted into an advanced software by the Parishath and in 2002, the Government accepted it as an official software. Due to economic reasons, private software vendors put pressure on the Government to revoke the decision of standardisation. This was because if all Kannada software vendors produced the same standardised software, allowing their customers to have a choice to choose among the software vendors and hence an impact on existing business.[2] As a final nail to the coffin, Ganaka Parishath decided to offer Nudi for free and this almost brought the Kannada software development industry to a halt. by U. B. Pavanaja [kn] was one of the first websites to display Kannada characters on a website. It was the first Internet magazine in Kannada[11] and also the first website in an Indian language to use dynamic fonts.[12] The usage of dynamic fonts avoided the problem of users having to download website-specific fonts to view the Kannada characters on the website. Wikipedia in the Kannada language was started in June 2003. 1e1e36bf2d


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