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School Mate 100 Save Game

There should be a folder called save in your data folder. If there isn't one then you need to create it. If this still doesn't work try downloading a saved game(.sav file) from someone else and put that in the save file, then it should save normally.

school mate 100 save game

The last person to do so has to drink, and take all the cards from the pile in the middle. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. The drunker you get, the harder it gets.Mr and MrsYou might have seen Mr and Mrs played at weddings, but it actually works pretty well as a drinking game too. It's a game that works best in small groups of people who know each other quite well (or where everyone has at least one person they know well). It's perfect for playing with housemates.

  • You can understand why this is a freshers' week favourite. It's the perfect way to indulge your nosiness and find things out about your new flatmates.

Ring of FireRing of Fire is the ultimate drinking game. Also going by the name of 'Kings', 'King's Cup' and various other aliases, you can't go wrong with this one.

In many video games of the 1980s and 1990s, passwords are used to select a starting level, or to restore the game to a particular state visited in a previous playthrough. Such passwords are given to the player when a level is beaten, or when all continues are used.[1] Overlapping in many ways with cheat codes, passwords are distinguished from codes in that they are revealed to the player outright rather than hidden within the game code, and using them is generally not considered cheating.[1] They are rarely used today, having been largely supplanted by saved games.

Passwords were used when storage was either impossible or expensive. On early ROM cartridges, games could not be saved without an additional memory card being integrated into the game, significantly increasing (often doubling) the manufacturing cost. By using passwords, nothing needed to be written on the cartridge, as the password itself contained all the information needed to continue the game, and thus a memory card was not necessary, lowering costs. These costs were particularly a concern on low volume titles by smaller third-party developers.

With the advent of optical based media at the tail end of the 16-bit era, data could not be stored on the game media, and a saved game required the introduction of non-volatile memory to the console either in the form of internal memory or memory cards which stored game data once the system was powered off; passwords avoided the need for this.

Passwords, as with saved games, have been primarily used for home systems, but have found some use in arcades, as in Gauntlet Legends, which uses passwords to record player statistics/abilities and progress.

Algorithms can compress, encrypt, and otherwise manipulate save data containing many large variables. The less the algorithm encrypts, the more easily players may notice patterns, such as an increment by one every level. They can then exploit these patterns to cheat or even beat the game. With a little luck, even a long password can be discovered by chance, as was the case for the infamous JUSTIN BAILEY code from Metroid.

While any save information is convertible into password form, it is practical only for game progress consisting of fewer or smaller variables. Overlong passwords needed by games such as RPGs with many large variables eventually cancels out the usability benefits from generating a password.

Languages with more graphemes can more readily exploit this. Enix's 1986 and 1987 Japanese Famicom releases of its highly successful first two Dragon Quest RPGs used passwords composed from a set of 64 hiragana. However, the 1988 third game in the series and Nintendo's international releases of the first two for the NES in 1989 and 1990 used battery-backed saves.

The use of passwords for saving progress has been generally replaced by saves, while passwords have taken on the distinct role of adding in extra characters, vehicles, or weapons. For example, in Animal Crossing, passwords are used for giving items to friends; players could trade in an item for a password, and their friend could enter in the password to receive that same item. A handful of games, such as the PC-Engine version of Ys I & II contained a password feature in addition to the conventional game save. In Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, every demon that the player can own has a unique password of thirty-two characters that can be used to summon that demon from the Compendium even if the player has never encountered it. If a demon created through fusion has different skills from its normal version, a different password will be stored in the Compendium along with the original password, allowing players to store custom demons.[2]

Many arcade games, such as the Initial D arcade game, use hashes to allow people to submit their fastest lap times to online score tables (though Initial D uses a proprietary magnetic card to save user data). The hash is used to stop people forging lap times. The password can then be entered on a website to have the time added online. An alternative to this is for the arcade consoles to be networked (internet-connected), as via Konami's e-Amusement system.

These are v1 game saves for all the mission in San Andreas. I used zmoonchild's The Ultimate Game Start, so all the possible side missions are completed from the start. No cheats were used while completing these missions. If you found any errors/mistakes/problems let me know.

I used v1.05 of Android since v1.05 saves are compatible with iOS and v1.06-1.07 as well...!!!This save is currently 14.97% complete up the mission In The BeginningAlso, C.J. has never been Wasted or Busted.No Pay 'n' Spray was used.Anything that can be done prior to ALL of the story missions has been completed(before the mission Big Smoke),This saved-game starts on:Sunday at 06:30 (the game was saved at 00:28)which is the same time that Tenpenny and Pulaski throw C.J. into the alley at the beginning of the game.Technically it actually starts at 6:28, because after the game is first loaded up, theres 2 seconds of visual fade-in before you can actually see the time display. I did this intentionally by saving the game at 00:28.The game is saved at the Jefferson Safe house, which is less than 2 blocks from that same alley.C.J. has the following:1) $999,999,999 (I used the Inside Track Betting trick to get it that high)2) Armor at 1503) Pilot Ranking of Captain4) Minigun, and all of the best weaponsThe Minigun, M4, SMG, and Combat Shotgun all have 10,000 + rounds each, so ammo totals don't show.5) Pilots License has been obtained and he has access to all airports.6) Luck at 10007) Health increased to maximum: 1768) Full Muscle9) 50% sex appeal. The other 50% is determined by the vehicle you are driving. I used sex appeal glitch to increase this stat.10) C.J. is wearing the white shorts from the Chiliad Challenge. Also, CJ has tattoos from las venturas parlour.11) All 6 available Safehouses have been purchased.12) 4 vehicles for Exports & Imports (three for the 1st list) have been stored in the Doherty garage in San Fierro: a Patriot, Cheetah, Infernus, and a Euros (for the 3rd list)13) Total Respect maxed out(100%) so CJ can run 7-man gangThe following side-missions have been completed:1) Firefighter Mission2) Paramedic Mission3) Taxi Mission4) Pimping Mission5) Burglary Mission6) Vigilante Mission7) The Roboi's Food Mart Courier Mission in Los Santos8) The Hippy Shopper Courier Mission in San Fierro9) The Burger Shot Courier Mission in Las Venturas10) Weapon Skill Levels are all at HitmanAlso, the following Challenges have been completed:1) BMX Challenge2) Chiliad Challenge, Scotch Bonnet3) Chiliad Challenge, Birdseye Winder4) Chiliad Challenge, Cobra Run5) NRG-500 ChallengeAnd, all of the Stadium Events have been completed:1) 8-Track2) Blood Ring3) Kickstart4) Dirt TrackIn addition to all of that:1) 100 out of 100 Tags have been sprayed2) 50 out of 50 Snapshots have been taken3) 50 out of 50 Oysters have been collected4) 50 out of 50 Horseshoes have been collected5) 69 out of 70 Unique Jumps found6) 69 out of 70 Unique Jumps completed (the one at gant bridge cannot be done in the beginning due to invisible wall)All skills have been maxed out:1) Flying Skill(100%)2) Bike Skill(100%)3) Cycling Skill(100%)4) Gambling Skill(100%), Whale status, he can borrow up to $1,000,0005) Driving Skill(100%)CJ has learned the moves from the following gyms:1)los santos gym2)san feirro gym3)las venturas gymThere are no failed missions.The Mission Attempts total is higher than the Missions Passed total due to missions such as the Chiliad Challenge which offsets both of these totals.The original audio message that C.J. says as he approaches Grove is still there. I used vigilante mission to keep from triggering it.I moved vehicles into the Johnson house garage, and sprayed painted the Gang Tag thats on the base of the overpass bridge on Grove Street during those missions.The garages contain following vehicles:Johnson house: bloodring banger, Dune(duneride)El corona: ladder firetruck, turismo, Bullet, HustlerSanta Maria beach: Sandking(with hydraulics), hotknife, phoenix, EurosMullholland: seasparrow(on top of garage), patriot, bandito, quadbikeDoherty: cheetah, infernus, Euros, patriotAll i information icons are still in place.C.J. has the following weapons:1.Fist(unarmed)2.Chainsaw3.Desert Eagle4.SMG (MP5)5.M46.Combat Shotgun7.Sniper Rifle8.Minigun10.Camera11.Silver Vibrator12.ParachuteHere are other various Stats:Criminal Ranking:OG, 206249Player:Armor: 150Pilot Ranking: CaptainTimes Drowned: 0Number of Hospital Visits: 0Luck: 1000Crimes:Times Busted: 0Mission:Mission Attempts: 17Missions Passed: 15Misc:Progress Made: 14.97%Safehouse Visits: 28Time visted Gyms: 3Vehicle resprays: 0 350c69d7ab


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