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Mr. Scahill and Mr. Moyer,Perhaps we shouldn't be in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Korea, Germany or any other place to engage despots. If people want freedom, let them fight for it themselves. Hmmmmm! Interesting thoughts. As far as the comments about Blackwater protecting all those dignitaries and comments about all those private "mercenaries", for every Blackwater employee protecting a dignitary or a general, there are 20 or 30 other private security professionals protecting regular employees, like engineers, going out to power plants, water treatment plants and other reconstruction jobs. Check the definition of mercenary. There may be some there, but most Americans, British, Australian and others from "coalition" countries would not be classified as mercenaries. Further, check the Geneva Convention definition, Art. 47, Part 2,(d) "is neither a national of a Party to the conflict nor a resident of territory controlled by a Party to the conflict;" which means if they are American citizens in the employ of the U.S. government, a "party of the conflict" then they are not technically a mercenary. Personally, I did not care for Blackwater's methods, but there's a lot more to this than what was discussed on PBS. Here are some questions for Mr. Scahill: Mr. Scahill,Who provides your security when you go to Iraq What are the alternatives to Blackwater type companies Would you propose U.S. soldiers fill all the security positions in Iraq Would you move around Iraq with an all-Iraqi security team Would you ride with a security team that allows cars to pull up next to it and ask, "Hey, sir, excuse me, but do you have any terrorists aboard, any bombs aboard" Do you believe, under the current conditions that are chaotic, crazy, kaleidoscope, Sunni-against-Shia, Shia-against-Shia, tribal group against tribal group and seemingly everybody but the Moldovans against the U.S., that the job can be done with no one being hurt, maimed, killed and displaced What is the difference between private security guards protecting U.S. reconstruction engineers (and media stars) in Iraq and a private guard protecting the entrance to PBS headquarters in Washington, D.C. or the local bank in your home town Do you recall the photo of the little girl covered in blood with an American soldier standing over her after having killed her parents Is there much difference who kills the parents -- an American soldier or an American paid private security professional If we pay Blackwater $900 a day for a security professional, and the security professional gets $350, how much goes to insurance, admin and logistics, transport, food, etc for the security professional How much does it cost to pay, train, deploy, feed, house and provide all the support for a soldier Do you believe it best to use soldiers at $40,000 a year to hold the costs down Do you believe former soldiers should have a cap on their pay when they work in private industry Do you work for $40,000 a year I don't believe we should have gone to Iraq in the first place, do you Why is it that Sean Penn, Bono, the Baldwin brothers, Mia Farrow, et al can get $10 or $20 million for a year's work on a movie, go to Africa and trumpet their work, or some basketball player gets a $50 million deal, and yet people bemoan some poor chump coming out of the cotton fields and is getting $150 to $200 grand a year for getting shot at Do you believe that if the Iraqis had wanted freedom they should have fought for it themselves, without our intervention Since those in your camp would not have private security professionals; and another large segment of the population would not have us deploy U.S. troops to war zones to come home in body bags, and the U.N. have proven incapable, who will do the job Or, do we just do nothing Do you propose isolationism Do you see any utility in using such an agency as the CIA to operate as has been described in "Ghost Wars" and other publications What should our role be i


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