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Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 English Dub Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 Engli Extra Quality


Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 English Dub Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 Engli Extra Quality


Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1-22 English Dub Review

Psycho Pass is a dystopian sci-fi anime series that explores the themes of justice, morality, and free will in a society where people's mental states are measured and controlled by a system called the Sibyl System. The story follows Akane Tsunemori, a rookie inspector who joins the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division, and Shinya Kogami, an enforcer who is tasked with hunting down criminals whose psychological state exceeds the acceptable norm.

The first season of Psycho Pass consists of 22 episodes that aired from October 2012 to March 2013. The English dub of the series was released by Funimation in 2014 and is available on DVD and Blu-ray. The dub features voice actors such as Kate Oxley as Akane, Robert McCollum as Kogami, Jason Douglas as Nobuchika Ginoza, Josh Grelle as Shusei Kagari, and Cherami Leigh as Mika Shimotsuki.

The dub of Psycho Pass Season 1 is well-done and faithful to the original Japanese version. The voice actors deliver their lines with emotion and nuance, capturing the personalities and motivations of their characters. The dialogue is also natural and smooth, avoiding awkward or stiff expressions. The dub also preserves the dark and gritty tone of the series, as well as the philosophical and psychological aspects that make it compelling and thought-provoking.

Psycho Pass Season 1 is a must-watch for fans of sci-fi and crime drama. The series offers a complex and intriguing plot, rich and diverse characters, stunning animation and music, and a gripping exploration of human nature and society. The English dub of Psycho Pass Season 1 is a great way to enjoy this masterpiece of anime.



The first season of Psycho Pass introduces the main characters and the world they live in. Akane is a naive and idealistic inspector who believes in the Sibyl System and its ability to judge people's souls. Kogami is a cynical and rebellious enforcer who has a personal vendetta against a mysterious mastermind named Shogo Makishima. Makishima is a charismatic and intelligent villain who manipulates people into committing crimes that expose the flaws and contradictions of the Sibyl System.

The season also explores various cases that challenge the morality and ethics of the Sibyl System and its agents. Some of these cases include a serial killer who targets people with high crime coefficients, a hacker who creates a virtual reality game that traps and kills its players, a cult leader who brainwashes his followers into committing mass suicide, and a schoolgirl who becomes a ruthless murderer after being bullied by her classmates.

The season ends with a climactic showdown between Kogami and Makishima, as well as a shocking revelation about the true nature of the Sibyl System. Akane is forced to make a difficult decision that will affect her future and the fate of society. The season leaves the viewers with many questions and dilemmas about the meaning of justice, freedom, and happiness.

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