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[EXCLUSIVE] Envato Purchase Code Verifier [CRACKED]

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[EXCLUSIVE] Envato Purchase Code Verifier [CRACKED]

This is a community guide for authors who want to implement purchase code verification on their items, websites, and applications. If you have any questions or feedback then please feel free to respond directly to this topic.

When accepting purchase codes from user input, you should trim (remove surrounding spaces) and validate (with a regular expression) the codes to ensure they are in the correct format. Envato generates purchase codes with UUID v4. You can validate with the following expression.

Caution! If you attempt to look up a purchase code that is formatted incorrectly, the request will be blocked with a 403 response. The response body may also not contain valid JSON, which could break your code. Check the format with the above expression to avoid this situation altogether.

If the purchase code was formatted incorrectly, you will get a 403 response from Cloudflare with the following plaintext content. You should validate the format of the purchase code to avoid this.

This is a simple plugin to validate your customer purchase code from Envato Market. You can verify any market which includes within Envato Market like themeforest, codecanyon, graphic river etc. Built with VUE js to load faster results.

I'm working on Envato API to verify Purchase Code I used plugin sample code from GitHub -Purchase-Code-Verifier here I added token and AUTHOR_SALES_ENDPOINT_URI = ' =' also when I used to try I'm getting error Invalid Purchase Code when to the valid purchase code. Did i missed anything here Can anyone suggest me. Is there any other alternative way to do.

Sample Envato Purchase Code Verifier Valid Purchase Code Item ID: Item Name: Buyer: License: Amount: Sold At: Supported Until: Invalid Purchase Code Purchase Code: require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';use Curl\Curl;final class EnvatoPurchaseCodeVerifier protected $accessToken = ''; const AUTHOR_SALES_ENDPOINT_URI = ' ='; /** * Class constructor, pass the access token. * @param mixed The access token */ public function __construct($accessToken) $this->accessToken = $accessToken; /** * Supply the purchase code of the buyer as argument. * @param mixed $purchaseCode The purchase code of he buyer. * @return mixed (Boolean) False on fail, the api (Object) $curl->response info on success. */ public function verified($purchaseCode) if (empty($purchaseCode)) return false; $curl = new Curl(); $curl->setHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer ' . $this->accessToken); $curl->get(self::AUTHOR_SALES_ENDPOINT_URI, array( 'code' => $purchaseCode )); $curl->close(); if ($curl->error) return false; else return $curl->response;

On line 2 you see we are creating our verify_envato_purchase_code() function, which accepts only a single parameter, the purchase code to be checked: I have defined the username and API Key within the function itself as these should be treated as constants, hence passing them through the function interface is a redundant gesture.

With this, we have all we need to empirically verify Envato purchase codes. The function I have provided for you here is only a simple application of what this functionality can be used to achieve and I would love to hear your ideas about potential applications and/or how you have used this in your own code.

Hey Great article, I want to ask that will it also applicable for multi purchase Like if buyer order 3 wp plugin via codecanyon, the code detect how many plugin has been brought and activate all of them

As of August 10, 2016, all Layers products created by the Layers team are now housed and sold directly on If you have purchased Layers Pro, StoreKit, DevKitor one of our child themes from Envato, you can now redeem that purchase code to gain access to premium support and updates on our site.

Additional extensions such as EDD (integration with Easy Digital Downloads), Envato (Integration with code-canyon/envato) and Filestack (offloads attachments to the cloud) bring even more power to Awesome Support. 153554b96e


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