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Major Payne (1995)


Major Payne the character lives up to his title and namesake, committed to the game of verbal branding with all he comes into contact with. He's majorly unlikable, but you get what you pay for when your title is as accurate as this one.

Parents need to know that this edgy 1995 send-up of military training features a hard-boiled major who routinely humiliates his recruits, ranging in age from 6 to 16. His calls them such names as "ladies," "turd," "worm," "maggot," and "scrotum sac." Other profanity includes "s--t" and "t-ts." Humor derives from frequent comic references to the violence of war and how some enjoy the rush of wartime killing. He describes violent acts -- he drove a man's nose into his brain -- but no real gore is shown. He breaks a wounded man's finger to get his mind off a serious leg injury. Expect some diarrhea and fart jokes.

Do-GooderFull NameBenson Winifred PayneAlias(es)Major PayneOriginMajor Payne (1995)OccupationMajor of the United States Marine Corps.Drill Instructor of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. 59ce067264


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