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Basic Instinct 3 2010 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download ##TOP##

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Basic Instinct 3 2010 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download ##TOP##

Synopsis: All the characters spend the night on a train bound for exotic Europe. The travelers include a pompous aesthete and his uptight ex-wife, a 20-something couple, a blind man in a neighboring seat, and a famous rock star. The man is stabbed to death at the breakfast buffet, and a group of detectives begins their investigation. The writer of the novel that forms the basis for the movie is murdered and Dr. Beth Garner is brought in to help in the investigation. She finds a possible link between the writer and a previous suicidal train passenger. The murderer seems to be targeting the passengers and the passengers seem to know something about him. However, some passengers have already been found dead. Dr. Beth ends up on the run with her ex-husband, a detective, and the detective's partner. The murderer has given them the slip. Dr. Beth gets the suspects to play the fiddle duet from the film Schindler's List on stage in the dining car, in an attempt to make them feel more at ease with each other. She even gives a false alibi to one of the suspects. During the train ride, she gets a phone call that her father is sick and she has to return home. Beth breaks her wig and wig cap while trying to leave the train at a stop. The wig cap causes her to lose her hair and she's left bald. When she returns to the train, she meets the murderer who tries to seduce her. She flees and makes it to her destination. She finds her father dead and her ex-husband being attacked by the murderer. Beth is the last to leave the train and is seen fighting off the murderer in the last scene. Directed by Michael Crichton Produced by David Weisman,Rick McCallum Written by Thomas M. Chernus,William Wisher,David Webb Starring-Daniel Stern,Meg Tilly,Brett Cullen,Leelee Sobieski,Vanessa Redgrave Music by Trevor Rabin Cinematography -Michael Ballhaus Edited by MaryAnn Pitzen,John Graysmark Production company-Paramount Pictures,StudioCanal #hollywoodtrendingmovie #hollywoodromanticmovie #basicinstinct For Latest Action/Romantic Movies...Click on the link to subscribe..... 827ec27edc


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