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Best Boneless Ham To Buy

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The thing with smoked ham is that it can quickly become all about the smoke. In fact, sometimes the smoke can be a way to distract from the meat's lack of inherent flavor. This is our pick for the best smoked ham because, while the smoke certainly adds flavor, it's in concert with the cured flavor of exceptional heritage breed pork.

Longtime food lovers may recognize D'Artagnan, which has been sourcing humane, sustainable meat for more than 35 years, both for ethical reasons and because it believes that it's more flavorful. Its Berkshire Best Boneless Smoked Ham is a testament to that belief. Another heirloom breed meat, this ham is made from Kurobuta (Berkshire) pork that was raised sustainably on pasture and smoked over applewood. Seasoned with raw cane sugar and sea salt, it's free of nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, and artificial fillers. Boneless ham, while more convenient, can sometimes be rather tough. This is our boneless pick because it offers the convenience of boneless with exceptional texture.

There's something so comforting about a honey-glazed ham. For us, it's less about having a super sweet ham and more about using sweetness as a foil for the super savory, hammy flavors. That's why the Cajun Ed's Cajun Honey Glazed Ham is so great. Just a bit of Cajun spice in each bite brings out both the honey and the savory meaty flavors in a way that's the best of all worlds.

The only issue with some of our other picks is that they're best suited for a crowd (or for someone with plenty of room for leftovers). If you're looking for a ham for a smaller group, consider the Omaha Steaks Duroc Boneless Country Ham. Made from Duroc pork, a breed known for its juicy, super savory flavor, this ham is beautifully marbled and slow-smoked for up to eight hours over hickory. This one doesn't come spiral-spiced, which may make it a little trickier to portion (i.e., you'll have to slice it yourself), but will make storage easier if you do end up having leftovers.

When done right, ham is an entree everyone will take second helpings of. So how do you make sure that your special occasion meal is one everyone will rave about You have to get the best ham, of course!

Simply it's a ham with no bones. The reason behind them is to make it easier to carve for the home cook. However it's not as simple as that anymore. In recent years a different type of boneless ham has come on the market.

This is a point that Alton Brown made on an episode of Good Eats, if the ham is boneless what is holding the meat together A "carving ham" is different in that you just need to remove it from the bone just like a boneless ribeye steak.

A reconstituted boneless ham I find lacking in flavor. And the texture is different. It's more manufactured. The modified food starch added to jell the meat, make it more like ham jelly! I don't recommend them.

I never recommend boneless hams at all until I first had a "carving ham". Now we often get them as Costco sells them for a good price that sometimes is cheaper than their bone-in spiral ham. I do still cook up a bone-in shank ham from time to time.

ST LOUIS HAM LOVERS For the best ham in St. Louis, look for a Miller ham, see Miller Ham for a list of local retail stores. I buy Miller hams at Freddie's Market in Webster Groves, at the corner of Big Bend and Rock Hill. During peak ham periods, be sure to order in advance. Be prepared for sticker shock, for once on the LOW end.

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The traditional bone-in ham provides maximum flavor and classic presentation. Not only does meat on the bone typically cook slower than boneless meat, it also can cook more evenly since the bone conducts heat. Also, proteins like albumin and collagen in the bone release gelatin, which adds substance and a rich mo


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