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Where Can I Buy Green Vibrance


Where Can I Buy Green Vibrance

Green powder supplements are a great way to boost overall health, especially if you have a low vegetable intake. However, with so many options available, you might be confused about the best option. We look at two green greens supplements; Green Vibrance vs Supergreen Tonik.

The creator, Adam Wright, made this carefully thought formula to help reduce his symptoms of chronic fatigue (source). After realizing that nothing on the market could help decrease his symptoms, he came up with Supergreen Tonik.

Green Vibrance is a green powder supplement from the Vibrant Health company. It contains more than 60 ingredients. You get different cereals, fruits, vegetables, adaptogens, fiber, enzymes, and probiotics in one scoop.

Remember that everyone can have a different reaction to any supplement. However, based on the positive reviews from consumers, Supergreen Tonik seems to be one of the best options to promote good health.

Green Vibrance can also promote good overall well-being. However, since it has a different ingredient composition, it might bring other health benefits from Supergreen Tonik. Here are some of the benefits you might obtain from taking Green Vibrance.

The green blend contains all organic ingredients, which is a big plus. It has the following ingredients: spirulina, collard greens, spinach leaf, barley grass powder, chlorella, and horseradish tree leaf.

Regarding the adaptogen blend, there are only two ingredients: eleuthero and holy basil. While they can help reduce stress in the body, they cannot compare to the powerful combination of ashwagandha and Rhodiola extract (both ingredients found in Supergreen Tonik).

One of the most significant drawbacks of green powder supplements is their taste. Nobody wants to get up first thing in the morning, or any other time you are taking your supplement, to drink something that tastes earthy.

One of the most frequent concerns regarding this supplement is its taste. Due to its high content of green powders, cereals, herbs, and other ingredients, it tends to have an earthy flavor that is difficult to mask.

With that said, if you are looking for a formula that might help you reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, provide you with an energy boost, and improve brain function, Supergreen Tonik is the clear winner.

When I received Green Vibrance I was pleased with the container size, it felt like a substantial product. After opening the green powder nearly filled the tub too, so clearly there was a proper 30 serving count here.

I really like the fact that every ingredient used in Green Vibrance has its amount stated on the label. This is one of the few greens powders on the market that is transparent about the ingredients used.

There are a lot of ingredients in Green Vibrance to fit into a 12g serving size though, in total 70 ingredients that also include probiotics (check out the supplement label). So, I was dubious there would be a sufficient quantity of each ingredient where it counts.

Don't waste your time looking for a better product! I used this during chemotherapy in my green smoothie every morning. Some of my chemo nurses starting using it seeing how well I was doing! Can't recommend this product enough!

If you're keen to get all your greens and more in one serving then you may wish to try my super greens product. I know a shameless plug here but you'll only need one serving per day to get all your nutrients.

Thanks Cheryl, I have reviewed all these greens brands, here are the links for you to check out: Optigreens 50 Review Athletic Greens review Both of these brands are great but suffer from using the proprietary blends in the formula. This is a big plus for Green Vibrance for me. Adam

A greens powder, such as Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Superfood Powder, makes good nutrition easy. Green Vibrance powder contains powerful ingredients to improve digestion, boost energy, and promote good health. Read on for our full Vibrant Health


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