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Visual Prolog 7.3 License Key

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Visual Prolog 7.3 License Key

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visual prolog comes with two libraries: the dynamic and the static. the dynamic library includes the runtime support needed to run programs written in visual prolog. it includes the runtime and the prolog interface for visual prolog. the dynamic library can be compiled into an.exe or dll. the static library has the prolog interface, but not the runtime support. the static library can be used as an import library for your project.

"" is the iso/iec standardized name (a) of the top of the prolog library and contains an internal library. this component contains a prolog interface to the runtime. the top provides the system facilities required by any prolog program: exception handling and primitive types and operations. the internal contains an implementation of prolog built-in predicates and functions. the interface is also known as the top of the library and could be more conveniently called pr1-top. it provides specific facilities intended to be used as in prolog programs included in the prolog libraries: 3d9ccd7d82


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